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 Spring 2014 thread.

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I can't think of anything to put here.
I can't think of anything to put here.

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PostSubject: Spring 2014 thread.   2014-06-08, 03:00

I'm tired of making a thread for each seperate series.

Full length Spring shows(As of episode 9-10),

1. Akuma no Riddle(9/10)
2. Gochuisa(8/10)
3. No Game no Life(8/10)
4. Selector Infected Wixoss
5. JoJo P3
6. Ping Pong
7. Soredemo
8. Haikyuu
9. Mushishi S2
10. Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou
^ All of these are 7/10s or higher, so its a pretty good season together with the long runners.


1. InuNeko(8/10)
2. Puchimass(6.5/10)

Long Runners,
1. Diamond No Ace(9/10), This is hand down the best sports anime i’ve ever seen(I’m not counting Saki as a sports anime), it gives me a similiar feeling that Saki gives me. I don’t think we’ll ever see anything better in a sports anime than Sawamura pitching against Raichi. Its hard to tell which of these 2 characters is more hotheaded. They even put most battle shounen MCs to shame with how hotheaded they can be.
2. Fairy Tail(8/10)
3. HxH(7/10), the last arc has been a disappointment since the first 3 big arcs.

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Spring 2014 thread.
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