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 2016/03/21 -> 2016/03/27

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I can't think of anything to put here.
I can't think of anything to put here.

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PostSubject: 2016/03/21 -> 2016/03/27   2016-03-21, 02:28

*8,8k Konosuba
*3.6k Prince of Stride
*2.4k Saijaku
*2.1k Assclass s2
*1.8k Active Raid
*1.5k DimW
*1.0k Bokumachi
*1.0k Muv Luv
*0,9k Norn9
*0,7k Haruchika
*0,4k shokomeza
*0.4k Luck & logic
*0,2k Nurse Witch
*0,1k Reikenzan

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2016/03/21 -> 2016/03/27
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